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This is a place for Switzerland-based women in finance, STEM, leadership, and academia to grow and nurture their confidence and self-promotion skills. We also support one another on the journey.

- Next #IAmRemarkable Workshop for Women in Finance -

7 June 6:30-8:00 pm CET, Zoom

My goal is to bring 500 women
closer to fulfilling their potential


As a community builder and #IAmRemarkable facilitator, I invite you to join a free workshop and a supportive community for women

#IAmRemarkable was founded by Anna Vainer at Google in 2016. Today, we’re a global movement, reaching 450,000 participants and fuelled by over 4000 facilitators across 178 countries. We exist to empower everyone, including underrepresented groups, to celebrate their achievements in the workplace and beyond, while challenging the social perception around self-promotion. At the heart of our movement is a 90 minute workshop open to everyone, hosted by global facilitators. Learn more about the movement at

On the journey to fulfill our potential

I became an #IAmRemarkable facilitator in 2021. I started offering workshops as part of the international diversity and inclusion conference I founded, where we brought together business leaders from 15 countries and three continents. Offering #IAmRemarkable for such an audience made it clear that imposter syndrome and self-doubt can arise regardless of how high one is in their career journey. Reinforcing our self-confidence and training our self-promotion muscles are essential to overcome these obstacles. 
Attending business conferences in Switzerland made me even more aware of the need for "women support women." So I decided to set up a challenge for myself to help 500 women fulfill their potential by offering the free #IAmRemarkable workshops and building a community for us.

The thematic workshops

How does it work?

In the #IAmRemarkable interactive session, you will participate in group discussions and exercises to increase your comfort and confidence in self-promotion. During this 90 minute workshop we will:

● reflect on our own limiting beliefs on self-promotion.

● share data and research regarding self-promotion and bias.

● go through the main exercise to help you identify and share your achievements.

● wrap up with discussion and take home exercises.

There will be online and offline workshops as well.

After the sessions, I offer the opportunity to stay in touch with the community of the remarkable women you just met.

Stay up to date about new workshops


My name is Melinda Miklos.

I am a value-driven leader, a former social entrepreneur, and an ESG strategist.

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